Discover the real You

Life Transition and Relationship Coaching. Emotional Healing Therapy. Hypnotherapy.

Contact me for a 20 minute free consultation.


Discover the real You

Life Transition and Relationship Coaching. Emotional Healing Therapy. Hypnotherapy.

Contact me for a 20 minute free consultation.

Fabienne is a certified Core Energy Coach, an Hypnotherapist and and Emotional Healing Therapist.

She focuses on men and women in their 40s and 50s who want to walk on a path toward loving themselves and living their dreams.

A journey

... for the women who want to embrace who they are.

How would you feel if you loved yourself? Get your self-esteem back after a life transition. Become the person you want to be inside and outside and love her because she is perfectly imperfect because she is you.

What would change if you found your passion? Believe in yourself, reach for your goals and be proud of the woman you see in the mirror.  Wake up every morning with a big smile on your face because you know you are working toward your life purpose.

When was the last time you approached life like an adventure? There is no mistake. Life is a learning experience. There always light at the end of the tunnel. Connect with others who are walking on the same path and walk toward your dreams.


Marriage, Divorce, Empty nest, Relocation, Career change... are all major Life Transition. Good or bad they are stressful. Learn to release the stress, to live at your best in the present and create the future you want. With the techniques of Emotional Healing Therapy, move on with your life.

Whether you would like to fall in love once again with your long time partner or approach the world of dating with an open mind, relationship Coaching will help you reconnect with your love life.


Uncover the strong and beautiful woman inside of you.  Offer yourself an absolute makeover.

Weight loss, fitness or changing your look, are only one part of the equation. I can help you with those or refer you to a specialist. But the only way to make any of those transformations sustainable is actually to change the thoughts and feelings that got you there. 

Sculpt yourself inside-out and rediscover your feminine side with the techniques of Art Therapy and Core Energy Coaching.


Be proud of the woman who see in the morning every morning and get excited by the day ahead of you. 

You might be a full time mom who wonders what to do with the extra time once her children leave for college. You could be a successful executive or entrepreneur who have lost her interest for her work. Either way, it’s time to get your passion back and find your life purpose with the Energy Leadership Coaching.





Upcoming Workshops

The renaissance woman
A 6 week workshop starting in Spring 2015 Rediscover the woman within you. Based on the book "Renaissance Woman - A Feminine Midlife Crisis From Loss of Identity to Rebirth"

Peaceful Man
A weekend workshop to let go of daily life stress and balance your life.

Dating fun
A 4 hour workshop before going back to the dating world.

More to come.


One on One Coaching

Private or Couple coaching in person or on Skype.

Move on after a  transition. Find your life purpose. Reconnect with your partner. Approach dating with a smile. 

Emotional Healing Therapy:
Major transition - Divorce, Grief...
Weight loss - Smoking - Minor Addictions
Emotional Health Issue
Support through autoimmune disease

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